Nic has written a number of books and his book ‘The End of Charity’ won the 2006 Iremonger Award for writing on public issues.

You can buy Nic's book "The End

of Charity" from Allen & Unwin online.
- Available in Paperback & eBook
- 192 pages



“The winner of the 2006 Iremonger Award is a challenging, thought provoking and inspiring exploration of how we should rethink the idea of charity, arguing that to truly address the problems of poverty, inequality and environmental sustainability we need to become social entrepreneurs, establishing social businesses with real values at their centre.”

Allen & Unwin

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The role of household energy efficiency in combating climate change.


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Nic's resignation of his licence to officiate as an Anglican priest.

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Fabian Society disunion paper on a national policy framework for housing.